Who or What is “Knobby”?

Knobby the Bigfoot

Over 30 years ago, a strange creature that had been seen around Carpenter’s Knob would become the most famous Bigfoot phenomenon in North Carolina’s history.

The first reported sightings described the creature as a 200-pound, 6-foot-tall, dark, hairy animal with a small head and a flat face. And the creature wasn’t silent. Its cry was described as a “wailing in the night like a woman in pain”, varying in pitch from a low growl to a high scream. From late December 1978 through January 1979, there were at least 16 Knobby sightings reported. A resident of Casar even found his goat dead of a broken neck, suspecting Knobby might have been the killer. Radio and TV stations covered the events, even devoting special programs and an all-night search for the creature. Knobby was not found. Over time, talk of Knobby died down…until now.

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